Infant massage is a wonderful way to nurture the bond between you and your baby, as well as encourage healthy physical and cognitive development and support budding immune systems.

The course covers:
+ the benefits of massage for infant development
+ suitable massage techniques, taught progressively over 4 weeks
+ communicating through massage, permission sequences and reading your baby's 'yes' and 'no' cues
+ baby-safe massage oils
+ contraindications; when you shouldn't massage a baby
+ the IMIS recommended Colic Sequence for little ones suffering from colic, wind & constipation
+ gentle lymphatic exercises and body awareness games
+ massage for parents!

Classes are paced to suit even the most tired or "baby brained" attendees! At the end of your last class, you will be given a bottle of IMIS massage oil to take home, along with an information booklet to encourage and guide you as you use your new skills with your baby. We currently offer 3 course options:

Certified by infant massage information serviceJen Buchanan is an IMIS Certified Infant Massage Instructor (listed here) and mum of two, who also has experience working in childcare and pre-K to prep education.