Upcoming Course: February 2018

Infant massage is a wonderful way to nurture the bond between you and your baby, as well as encourage healthy physical and cognitive development and support budding immune systems.

The course covers:
+ the benefits of massage for infant development
+ suitable massage techniques, taught progressively over 4 weeks
+ communicating through massage, permission sequences and reading your baby's 'yes' and 'no' cues
+ baby-safe massage oils
+ contraindications; when you shouldn't massage a baby
+ the IMIS recommended Colic Sequence for little ones suffering from colic, wind & constipation
+ gentle lymphatic exercises and body awareness games
+ massage for parents!

Classes are held weekly over four 1 hour sessions, paced to suit even the most tired or "baby brained" attendees! At the end of the course you will be given a bottle of IMIS massage oil to take home, along with an information booklet to encourage and guide you as you use your new skills with your baby. To join this course, click here.

NOTE: we are currently rebranding ourselves as Honest to Goodness, so don't worry that the logo is different. You can find us on our new facebook page.



Monday, 5 February 2018 - 9:00am



To be confirmed.




Tickets for this event are per family. This means if you have twins, we don't charge you double to attend! If your spouse/partner can join you for the course (or just a few sessions) they are included under this ticket as long as they are also a primary caregiver for your child.

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